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"The Minecraft 1.4.5 SONG" - Minecraft пародия [видео]

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"The Minecraft 1.4.5 SONG" - Minecraft пародия [видео]

Описание: И так чудная песня которая была выпущенная после выхода minecraft 1.4.5 и в ней показаны все плюсы и минусы нового обновления! И так, песня под названия The Minecraft 1.4.5 SONG! Текст песни в полной новости! Подпеваем!

Текст песни:
we got a new creepy skeleton and added bats
within our cobblestone walls we will plan to plant those carrots
oh and potato lets go fight the wither
got no time to dither coz a netherstar glimmers
beacon light high in the blackest skies
Does herobrine like pumpkin pie
new super flat world customisation
swamp dwelling witch who throws brand new potions

Oooh ooh, in the villages, the zombies are coming to infect.
you'd better find yourself the cure, or its gonna end up like the walking dead

Ohh ooh i will ride my pig, with my steering stick, take him through this unknown world
never been a better time, through day and night, all those new sounds to be heard
New sounds to be heard.

Gonna repair my sword on an anvil, and when im done i might rename,
and when i get bored of that sword, ill guess ill just picture frame it


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