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Русификатор для Equation Grapher with Regression Analyzer
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Equation Grapher is a function plotting and analyzing program. Regression Analyzer is useful especially for statistical data.
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Русификатор для PicoLog
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Collect, record and analyze readings from various PicoScope series pieces of hardware with this application that integrates seamlessly with the devices
Modern living has led to an increased dependence of humans on electrical devices of various types.
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Русификатор для Localization Guru Lite
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Localization Guru is a software tool for VB programmers that enables a Visual Basic application to support multiple languages
Localization Guru is a software tool for Visual Basic programmers that enables a Visual Basic application to support multiple languages.
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Русификатор для SmartFolio
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

State-of-the-art asset allocation and portfolio optimization software
What's new in SmartFolio 3.
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Русификатор для SuperMemo98
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

An application designed for computer-assisted learning
SuperMemo is a learning method that makes it possible to learn fast and retain memories for years
SuperMemo is based on the science of long-term memory
It uses a number technologies that make the learning process more effective.
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Русификатор для OfficeStatus
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Keep track of employee whereabouts easily (and instantly) with the help of this professional grade employee in / out board software solution
What's new in OfficeStatus 6.
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Русификатор для Metric/British Measures Convertor
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Metric/British Measures Convertor is a Metric/British Measures Convertor
Metric/British Measures Convertor is created by Emmanuel Cassar
Any Copy of this program is prohibited.
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Русификатор для Duplicate File Remover
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Search for duplicate files on your computer using different criteria and remove them with ease, all thanks to this easy to use and friendly application
What's new in Duplicate File Remover 3.
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Русификатор для The Onion Peeler
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

A plugin for Data Transport Agent
The Onion Peeler is useful Data Transport Agent plugin which delivers news each day from the Onion webiste.
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Русификатор для Headway Shortcut Builder
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

The Headway Shortcut Builder software represents a Microsoft Access shortcut builder tool
What's new in Headway Shortcut Builder 9.
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