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Русификатор для Hextrakt Crawler
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Effortlessly crawl websites, regardless of their size, and get accurate and relevant data with the help of this user-friendly and efficient tool
What's new in Hextrakt Crawler 2.
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Русификатор для Able2Extract PDF Server
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Designed for large enterprises, this application provides a server-side PDF converter to various formats, without user intervention
The advantages of the PDF format are well known and that is why this file type is widely used when dealing with official documents and, generally, business-related digital paperwork.
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Русификатор для ttth
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Keep all your online subscriptions centralized on this platform that offers easy access to services such as WhatsApp, Google, Telegram and many others
What's new in ttth 1.
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Русификатор для muCommander Add-on for NeoRouter
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Effortlessly manage files on a remote computer while using NeoRouter by adding muCommander functionality with support for SMB, FTP, SFTP, HTTP and NFS protocols
muCommander Add-on for NeoRouter is a lightweight add-on that can be easily installed in the NeoRouter remote access utility, in order to add muCommander functionality and manage files on another computer.
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Русификатор для NVIDIA Nsight
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Build, Debug, Profile and Trace heterogeneous compute and graphics applications using CUDA C/C++, OpenCL, DirectCompute, Direct3D, and OpenGL
What's new in NVIDIA Nsight 6.
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Русификатор для Visualizer
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

A plugin for Far's internal editor.
Visualizer is a Far Manager plugin that is used for "visualization" of otherwise not so easily noticed things in FAR's internal editor - things like right border, tabs, end of line, cross,
to name a few.
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Русификатор для Fast File Renamer
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Rename batches of files at the same time by setting conditions to replace, remove or insert new characters, as well as run simulations
Fast File Renamer is a feather-light application you can use to change the names of multiple files at the same time by specifying conditions.
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Русификатор для Computer Usage Timer
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Automatically tracks all system startup sessions and reveals the total uptime for each logged user, featuring password protection and system tray accessibility
Computer Usage Timer is a simple-to-use application that shows the computer's total uptime on any day of the calendar.
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Русификатор для HInput
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

A game development tool.
HInput is a handy input abstraction layer designed to help developers decouple game code from input implementations.
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Русификатор для UninsHs
Категория: Русификаторы программ    

Easily add Repair, Modify and Remove options to setup scripts that you created with Inno Setup by using this lightweight and reliable extension
UninsHS is an extension for Inno Setup that can help programmers to add Repair, Modify and Remove functions to setup scripts that they create with the host application.
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